PowerHouse Suite’s add-on module for Data Modernization through scanning

With more than a decade of scanning and paper management experience, Valora delivers paper files and records document conversion, processing and hosting services to some of the world’s largest corporations, law firms and federal agencies. 

Scanning is often the start of a long chain of document processing activities, so extra care is taken to ensure images come out clean, oriented correctly and are organized neatly with individual DocIDs and load files for all major import protocols. We offer document disassembly and reassembly; materials pickup, drop-off and handling (including full Chain of Custody management); and the most advanced scanning capabilities and throughput options.

Valora offers customized outsourced legal and records management scanning services at our processing facility in Bedford, MA and through our certified partner network throughout the United States.

Organizations looking to reduce the cost and effort to manage, track and retrieve paper documents are increasingly turning to scanning, coding and hosting to bring better Information Governance to paper documents.

Scanning Features

Customized Options

Valora provides comprehensive expert digital imaging services for paper documents all over the United States. We scan populations large and small, black & white or color, all with convenient pickup & drop-off, or even onsite at a customer’s location.

Secure Scanning Center

Valora’s rigorously trained scanning teams have years of experience ensuring the highest quality of commercial image capture available. We have standing relationships with document storage facilities and shredding services, so businesses can be confident in where their paper records end up after digitization.

Manage, Reduce & Prevent Exposure & Risk

Reduce retrieval time, effort and cost of paper documents storage by utilizing Valora’s scanning team to digitize and optimize data. Mange files according to retention schedules, remove Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial data (ROT) and organize a seamless Legal Hold strategy across paper and electronically stored information.

Classification & Control

By using Valora to digitize paper records and embed them with rich metadata tags, businesses’ data is securely stored, searchable and organized by date, document types, key topics and custodian. Paper records become fully compatible with native ESI records for seamless integration and management of all enterprise content.


Learn best practices for the automation of document processing, analysis and disposition.

Records Management

Discover how Records and Information Management professional leverage Valora’s technology.

ROT & File Clean-Up

See how Valora reduces the amount Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial data across the enterprise.