Implementing a Virtual Vault

2021 Webinar Series


Virtual Vault

How to Implement a Virtual Vault with AutoClassification

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In this case study webinar, see how two different organizations used AutoClassification to construct a central command interface or “Virtual Vault” where teams could search contracts and documentation via one content dashboard, extracting key fields & establishing rules for handling.


  • Company: Global Technology Company
  • Use Case: HR management / M&A integration
  • Goal: To access and organize HR records from over 140 acquisitions over 20 years. A key goal was to tag relevant content in such a way that allowed a single user to search separate corporate entities and repositories with the same search criteria, bringing search results into one unified view.


  • Company: Industrial Energy Joint Venture
  • Use Case: Construction Claims Management
  • Goal: To manage project-related content spread across several repositories, on-premise and in the cloud. One of the key concerns was to manage and monitor evidentiary content related to insurance, performance, liability, and billing claims over the ten-year construction and implementation timeframe.