Managing ROT & Migration with AutoClassification

AutoClassification Webinar Series

Session 4:

Managing ROT & Migration with AutoClassification


Recent studies show that 30-40% of all enterprise data content stored is considered ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, or Trival) content – such as duplicate spreadsheets, 15-year old proposals, and out-of-office emails. Hoarding useless data could not only be costing your company millions in hardware and storage each year, but it may also putting your business at risk.

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to show an ROI on implementing an AutoClassification solution to manage ROT, migration, or improve your Information Governance practice for your enterprise content, then this session is for you.

Our hosts will focus on ROT management best practices, the risk/reward of clean data environments, and how to leverage automation to facilitate massive data migrations. Valora CEO, Sandy Serkes, is joined by special co-host Nick Inglis, Executive Director of Content & Programming for ARMA International.

Together they will discuss:

  • Strategies for planning and managing a content assessment project 
  • The importance of keeping repositories clean and compliant 
  • Tips & tricks to reduce storage costs 
  • How reducing ROT can assist in the migration of structured and unstructured content 
  • The latest technologies that automate the identification and disposition of content to facilitate single or multi-system migrations