Data Privacy: Practical Applications & How to Get it Right

AutoClassification Webinar Series

Session 6:

Data Privacy: Practical Applications & How to Get it Right


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Data Privacy is top of mind for most organizations today given the introduction of recent and upcoming data privacy regulations. What needs to be protected? Where is your sensitive data? Who has access? How do you report on it? How long do you keep it? How do you action it?

In this webinar, Valora Technologies CEO, Sandy Serkes,  and Antigone Peyton, Intellectual Property and Technology Lawyer at Cloudigy discuss the difference between Data Privacy & Data Security, the relationship between the two and how a holistic approach to information management can expedite the identification, evaluation and management of sensitive content within your organization.

Key takeaways:

  • Data Privacy vs. Data Security: what they are and what they’re not 
  • Side-by-side comparison between GDPR and CCPA: what you need to know about data processing, requirements and timing 
  • Strategies for the practical implementation of a data privacy practice as part of a bigger picture 
  • Ideas on how to integrate data privacy best practices into your everyday content management strategy 
  • Learn how to best introduce and advocate for an organization-wide collaborative approach to data privacy
  • See how other businesses have successfully integrated AI and other technology solutions as part of their overall data privacy strategy