Implementing a Virtual Vault with AutoClassification

Implementing a Virtual Vault with AutoClassification

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Like it or not, critical content (not only records) is highly decentralized in today’s information environment: enterprise file shares, collaborative sites, cloud-based storage—is there no end to the complexity? The days of putting everything into a single ECM or DMS have long passed.   

Today, there are ways of seeing across the many repositories and storage locations, providing a “single pane of glass” across the enterprise content regardless of where and how it is stored, with the confidence in knowing the whole data map is covered, not just strategic subsets. All while being managed consistently for retention, sensitivity, and ease of retrieval. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Learn what a “Virtual Vault” is and how AutoClassification can be leveraged to tie your organization’s content together across time, space, people, and topics. 

  • See real world examples of how organizations have implemented a Virtual Vault where teams could search contracts and documentation via one content dashboard, extract key fields & establish rules for handling. 

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