Employing AI for Retention & Disposition in Digital Information and Recordkeeping Systems

About InterPARES Trust AI

InterPARES Trust AI is a non-profit research/think tank focused on Records, Information Governance and technology (particularly AI). This is their first report on how the use of AI is affecting RIM, both as a means to better solutions as well as how general business use of AI is creating more challenges for records professionals.

REPORT: Employing AI for Retention & Disposition in Digital Information and Recordkeeping Systems

This report is the result of a survey of information professionals working in archives, records management, and information governance positions, as well as in related fields such as security, privacy, law, and finance.

Top findings include:

  1. Only half of those surveyed are using any type of automation at all to help tag or manage records. Of those who are automating, only 30% are automating Classification (the largest category), which is equivalent to 15% of the total respondents.
  2. Only 40% of those surveyed are using any type of litigation hold application.
  3. In keeping with other industry findings, < 10% are using M365 for records purposes.
  4. Over 80% of respondents have a formal, published Records Retention Schedule.
  5. Over 90% of respondents are retaining records past their retention date.
  6. More than 75% of respondents had minimal or no familiarity with AI for recordkeeping activities.
  7. People who defined themselves as “Records Managers” tended to report up through a variety of disciplines. But, people who defined themselves as “Information Governance Professionals” heavily leaned towards reporting up through Legal, specifically.

PRODUCT REPORT: Inventory of AI-enabled Software and Services

To understand how existing software and services use Artificial Intelligence technologies to capture, manage, and preserve digital content, a subgroup of the above research group embarked upon a preliminary inventory of commercial applications. The overall goal was to understand how AI tools and techniques have been or are being introduced into commercial Digital Information and Recordkeeping Systems.

Spoiler alert:
Valora Technologies provides AutoClassification, data mining, content analytics, and document intake and visualization. It enables metadata tagging, content extraction and analysis, and rules-based content disposition across myriad forms of documents, electronic files, data and content. The records management features that include classifying documents for appropriate data retention duration as well as classifying documents for appropriate storage or migration location is useful to our domain.

Read more about Valora on page 63 of the Report