Managing Records Retention with AutoClassification

Managing Records Retention with AutoClassification

On-Demand Webinar

The evolution of electronic Records Retention & Lifecycle Management continues to challenge even the most seasoned Information Governance professional. As the volume of data continues to grow within our corporate data environments, it becomes increasingly more complex to navigate, locate and contain data in common data silos such as email, fileshares, web apps, digital archives, and other data repositories. Layer in data privacy obligations, compliance requirements and other data requests to the mix and it becomes impossible to rely solely on humans to keep up with the demands of today’s organizations. 

In this session, attendees will: 

• Discover strategies to manage data classification, data minimization, ROT reduction and data requests with AutoClassification 

• See how other companies have successfully automated retention policies, workflows and disposition  

• Learn how to critically evaluate your organization’s retention policies, with an eye towards future-proofing 

• Utilize analytics, automated rules and disposition as a springboard to full Data Under Management 

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