Managing Records Retention & Data Minimization with AutoClassification

Managing Records Retention & Data Minimization with AutoClassification

On-Demand Webinar Mash-up

As organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of electronic Records Retention & Lifecycle Management, the challenges posed by data growth, privacy obligations, and compliance requirements become increasingly complex. Join us for this integrated webinar, hosted by SCIE ARMA, to gain a holistic perspective on optimizing information governance through advanced data strategies. Stay ahead in the data-driven landscape, where information governance, data privacy, and innovation converge seamlessly.

Key Topics:

  • Strategies for Efficient Records Management: Explore advanced approaches to data classification, ROT reduction, and data requests with AutoClassification.
  • Data Minimization in the Modern Landscape: Understand the intricacies of data minimization strategies, regulatory compliance challenges and the delicate balance between extracting valuable insights from data and respecting individual privacy rights.
  • Enhancing Data Lifecycle Management for Operational Efficiency: Learn how a structured approach to data management enhances accuracy, reduces redundancy, and aligns with the principles of data minimization. Gain insights into implementing the “least privilege” principle, granting employees the access they need for their roles while fostering a culture of privacy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover actionable insights to manage data effectively in diverse corporate data environments.
  • Evaluate and future-proof your organization’s retention policies.
  • Strike the right balance between data utility and privacy, addressing regulatory compliance challenges.
  • Implement the “least privilege” principle seamlessly with real-world case studies and practical strategies.
  • Utilize analytics, automated rules, and disposition processes as a springboard to achieve full Data Under Management.