Solution Spotlight: M&A and Divestitures

As the volume of data continues to grow within corporate data environments, it becomes increasingly more complex to navigate, locate and contain content in common data silos such as email, fileshares, digital archives, cloud storage and other data repositories. So when due diligence starts for a potential M&A or divestiture event, the amount of data to comb through can be overwhelming. That’s where AutoClassification can help.


When preparing for due diligence for a merger, acquisition or a divestiture of corporate assets or intellectual property, the challenge is finding the right documents, files and IP for disclosure, review and transfer to the new entity. 



AutoClassification software is used to crawl, locate, identify, analyze and tag all relevant content based on specific document types, keywords, dates, authors, and more. It includes the things you need (related IP or other associated information) and excludes the things you don’t (duplicates, outdated versions, spam).



Software identifies & analyses all files based on content and context of each file. It can identify and redact content with sensitive or personal data. Nothing is overlooked or omitted.



AutoClassification software works in the background. Employees do not need to be involved in gathering documentation for sometimes sensitive transactions, not do they need to slug through the tedium of manually identifying and tagging content to transfer to other parties.


Perpetual Data Hygiene

Implementing an AutoClassification solution not only prepares you for the immediate transaction, it prepares your vast enterprise data stores for the next potential acquisition or divestiture (not to mention litigation, investigation, or information request) – so the next time it’s literally the press of a button.

Case Studies

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