eDiscovery Solutions

Efficient outsourced management of eDiscovery delivers predictable costs and peace of mind for you and your clients

IG-eclipsing-ED-word-cloudFrom needs assessment through production, Valora is well-known for providing clever, efficient eDiscovery solutions that marry the best of custom-configured, cutting-edge technology with industry best practices and outstanding project management.

Our clients trust us to come up with intelligent, low-cost and highly functional solutions to meet their unique case, budgetary and timeline restrictions.

Valora provisions the full spectrum of eDiscovery services with a myriad of pricing options:

  • Managed eDiscovery processing with predictable monthly pricing model
  • Document Collections (onsite & remote)
  • Data Filtering and Culling
  • ESI Processing and Conversion
  • GapFill OCR, AutoCoding & Unitization
  • First-pass Document Review for Privilege, Responsiveness and Issues of collected litigation documents. Valora’s solutions includes rapid, low-cost and highly defensible Rules-Based Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) options.
  • Automated Privilege Logs to reduce the cost, effort and inaccuracies of this critical production deliverable
  • Redaction of sensitive or personally identifying information (PII) prior to document production or publication of content.
  • Early case assessment of incoming materials from client or third parties. Includes Rules-Based Assessment of claims validity and strength, as well trending and forecasting of Issues over time.
  • Automated Translation of foreign language documents into English for easier review and management
  • Easy, point & click Web-hosting for document hosting, review and case management

Increasingly more cases are being resolved prior to trial, such that pretrial activities – like eDiscovery, Early Case Assessment and Workflow Design– are largely determining risks, costs and outcomes. Very often clients must disclose their document management policies and processes, and be prepared to defend their choices.   Valora’s Professional Services provide you with the guidance you need to optimize your litigation profile and more efficiently make intelligent choices about workflow, processing and production. Contact Valora to find out how we can help you and your company grow.