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Universal AutoClassification Master Webinar Series

Join Valora CEO Sandra Serkes, and other experts from the Information Governance industry for this 7-part webinar series as they examine automated solutions for the main pillars of modern information management and control: ROT, remediation, retention, migration, data privacy, legal hold, compliance, analytics and more.

Session 6:

Data Privacy

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
1:00pm EST

With special co-host Antigone Peyton.
Examine new tools and techniques to defensibly implement data privacy directives across your organization.

Session 7:

The Future is Data Under Management

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
1:00pm EST

Information Governance is never “one and done.” It’s ongoing and constantly responding to new challenges in data volume, contents and uses, as well as regulatory, compliance and strategic directives. Learn how to go from single effort IG use cases to complete, evergreen control with Data Under Management.

On-Demand Webinars

Universal AutoClassification Master Webinar Series

View past sessions of our 2019 webinar series.

Session 1:

One Tool to Rule Them All

This webinar kicks off Valora’s Universal AutoClassification Webinar Master Series with a focus on the fundamentals of AutoClassification, followed by an in-depth look at each of the modern Information Governance use cases.

Session 2:

Records Retention & Lifecycle Management

Discuss the latest trends in Records Retention & Lifecycle Management and discover strategies to manage and implement recent advances in Records Retention/Lifecycle Management Technologies.

Session 3:

Managing Legal Hold with AutoClassification

Learn cost-effective solutions that solve the Legal Hold assignment and control process, all within the broader context of enterprise Data Under Management.

Session 4:

ROT & Migration

With special co-host Nick Inglis, ARMA International.
Examine the latest technologies available that can automate the tedious task of manually eliminating ROT and de-duping your enterprise’s data to prepare for clean migrations.

Session 5:

Enriched Metadata Creation/Tagging

With special co-host Julie Colgan.
Learn the methodologies, tools and best practices for automating the creation, assignment and application of metadata across enterprise information silos.

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